2 Days in Singapore

Singapore is popular with its modernized and clean city (country itself) among ASEAN countries. After spending 3 days in Malaysia, I headed across the border to see Singapore for the first time, and 2 days seemed not enough for me to explore this small diamond land.


Merlion and ArtScience Museum & Marina Bay Sands as background

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Kuala Lumpur – Wild Adventure in Malaysia Part I

It has been a while, but now I am back, occasionally.

Life is a journey! The more you travel is like the more pages you read in a book, and it gets more and more interesting. This is my second time traveling abroad after Thailand trip last November. But guess what? Only 2 of us, my female friend and I, went on the adventure, not by tour agent, but on our own! It has brought me mixed experiences for traveling to unfamiliar places without any guides. Though exhausted, but it was so much fun, indeed.

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Korean Street Food – A part of it

I guess these days many teens and adults (just some amount) are influenced by Kpop, Kdrama and Kshow, and I might be counted as one of them, just in medium level :) I am quite addicted to some Kdrama and Kshow, and what lures me the most is Kfood. By its beauty and decoration shown in dramas and TV shows, I have been craving for tasting Kfood for ages, especially street food.

There are quite a few Korean restaurants in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, yet not all serve such street food dishes or I might say I cannot guarantee they are cooked with original taste. A friend of mine suggested me a place in Phnom Penh to taste Korean street food, and that is Ebada located behind Langka pagoda.​ The dishes are not bad, but it serves only a few kinds of Kfood, and I hope to try more other different types of Korean street food soon at somewhere else. Maybe in Korea? Hehe…

It is not easy


There are times when you don’t like what some people do, but you can’t say anything because you still wanna save their face.

Those are times you can’t be you because before you do and say things, you still need to consider those people surrounding.

កោះរ៉ុង (Koh Rong Island), Paradise on Land in Cambodia [Part II]

Currently, if you ask me where is the best place in Cambodia to enjoy the nature and fresh atmosphere, I will not hesitate to reply that “Koh Rong ranks #1 among all in Cambodia”. Exaggerating? Probably. But I cannot stop admiring its beauty from time to time, and this is my second time I visited the island. In the previous post of Koh Rong, I mentioned a lot about bungalows and gorgeous Long Beach, now in this post, let’s explore more about Koh Rong at different angles with my second visit.

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