Dramatic? How to get out of it, eh?!

Honestly speaking, I’ve been so dramatic lately. But wait, what does “dramatic” mean? Does it mean “relating to drama or the performance or study of drama” or “sudden and striking” as in dramatic increase? Okay, in this context, I’m going to refer “dramatic” as “being a little too sentimental/imaginary/sad/overact or overreact?! as if you were a drama queen”. I’m not sure if explaining it this way makes sense, but let’s say it’s it.

S-Series-1-The-Reason-Inner-Peace-is-More-Important-Than-HappinessI’m not sure how to describe what’s going on, but I’ve been in heavy thoughts a lot, and these seem to grow day by day. It’s up to the point which I’m tired of most of things around me. I was quite active on social medias here and there, but now I’m really not, or maybe in a while?! I don’t know but I find it’s crowded almost everywhere (except my home and my family where and which I feel at ease). How to put this into easy words… It’s like you are standing in the crowd, and people keep passing by. At first, you felt curious wanting to know what those people were up to, but later on you find it noisy and you’ve been losing focus on your own self. You’ve gone blank.

Now it’s what I describe myself being dramatic, and I think I should draw myself out of it before I get more depressed.

Just recently, I’m trying to look for peace of mind, but how? Well, I manage to get a little space for myself, not physically but emotionally.

First of all, I’m on leaves from some social medias (eg. Facebook, Instagram) which I’ve used for social communication. I at the moment want to shrink the connection to only close and urgent ones, and stop the crowd’s updates for a little while. Now I realize why it’s said “Offline is the new luxury”, a guide on how to live in the presence and be happier than ever. Well, I’m still on this WordPress, but it’s quiet here in my blog where I choose to stay and write what’s on my mind just like a diary.

What’s more? Reading! Or Studying! I admit it’s boring even to myself (those who like such stuffs are not counted in), but okay I’m doing both on the topics I like, or need to! Find what you have ideas about and interest in or what helps you improve mentally and critically. I’m reading and studying accounting and finance (it does sound headache to some of you), but it’s okay as I’m working on it, so it helps me.

What else to do to make your time more precious than just losing mind and starting feeling depressed due to being too much dramatic? Find your favorites and do it. I see some people enjoy eating, go to gym or outdoor exercise, traveling and stuffs. Well, I do love traveling and eating, but it’s costly and I’m currently broke, flatly broke. It’s irritating to be broke in this crucial moment. So I get something entertaining for myself such as watching favorite shows and movies, and it helps.

Being with family and your close friends are well known as precious time. However, there are times you should or feel like you want to enjoy your own company as well. It’s different between extrovert and introvert. Find what you feel comfortable and enjoy the most.

And seriously, keep in touch with those whom you can talk to, share things with, and those who make your mind healthy. I like saying this “make your mind healthy” quite a lot here and there. Your emotional health is equally important to your physical one, so don’t overlook this. And aside from your own, people around you do affect your state of mind. Avoid those who make your mood worse, it’s for your own sake. Some specific people might be the cause of your drama queen role.

Okay, currently I can think of up to this point. It’s a completely dramatic article and a boring one, but yay I wrote it, I spit it out (not literally spitting and don’t ever do because it pollutes environment). I wish and wish and wish that my next post is about traveling, but the plan is a bit far and not soon. Hope you guys have a nice Monday!


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