Malacca – Adventure in Malaysia Part II

Malacca (also known as Melaka in Bahasa Malaysia) is one of popular tourist attractions in Malaysia. It is a historical city under multi-colonies like Portugal, Dutch (the Netherlands), England and Britain, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Christ Church Melaka

Those who travel between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore mostly stop by at Malacca. By bus, it takes about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur (or takes more time depending on traffic).

Main places I visited in Malacca are:

Jonker Street

For Cambodians, it is like Pubstreet in Siem Reap except Pubstreet only opens from evening to late night, but Jonker street is crowded since lunch time (or even before that). There are various types of food either along the street or at small restaurants. You can go shopping for souvenir, clothes and stuffs. I also noticed a small museum but it did not open yet when I reached there.

Malacca is the best place to experience Nyonya culture and food which tastes like Chinese mixed Malay. The most popular restaurant for Nyonya food is Nancy’s Kitchen located at Jonker Street (I forget the exact address but if you ask locals there, I am sure you will easily find it). I was surprised that many people were queuing outside this small restaurant even it was already late for lunch. Opening hours 11:30am – 3pm and 4pm – 9pm.

Malacca River

In the center of the city (I assume it is the center geographically or let’s say it is located in the center of attraction), there is river running through the city, which makes some tourists claim it as a little Venice or Venice of Southeast Asia. But do not be upset if you find the water is not clear enough, you cannot expect much from the river or imagine it looking like the view of Venice in Italy. However, I kind of believe that the view will be beautiful at night when colorful lights are on reflecting into the water surface. Unfortunately, I could not stay overnight or till then to see such picture.


Christ Church

It is quite noticeable when you reach Malacca and see this red building, Christ Church Melaka. It is a Dutch church which has its colonial history (and I am poor in history, lol). Due to time limit, I did not visit the inside and I am not sure if we are allowed to or need to pay fee or whatever. The color makes it outstanding though.

A Famosa Fort

It is a Portuguese fortress which a small gate house is the only part that still remains now. (A famosa means the famous in Portuguese. I do not know Portuguese, that is just what I found on Google, lol)


FYI, all places mentioned above are just near one another, so you can go from place to place easily on foot.


It is not a place, it is a tourist transportation (lol). If you feel quite tired walking here and there, then why not try rickshaw. The decoration is a bit, well, like a moving little garden, but that is what makes it interesting. It is beautified with colorful fake flowers, mostly I see is pink, and some rickshaws even have music. One rickshaw fits for 2 people.


Well, I traveled by taxi from Melaka bus station to Jonker Street, but when I returned to the station, it was a bit late in the evening, not quite late, just 5:30pm or 6pm, but I am telling you, it was hard catching a taxi at that hour. I am not sure if taxis stop running at the time or what the heck is that (l0l), but while we were trying to catch a taxi, a local food seller told us that there was a local public bus coming and it was going to the bus station as well.

I appreciated and was thankful that I met many nice and friendly local people in Malaysia.

We were glad and hoping we could reach the bus station on time as it was near the time our booked bus depart. However… the local bus we took from Jonker Street did not go directly to Melaka bus station, it stopped by at many many many places inside the city to drop passengers who were going home, and Melaka bus station was the last stop. (Haha haha haha, thinking about it, I want to laugh). And finally, we did miss our bus to Kuala Lumpur. Tickets bought could not be refunded or changed, so we had no choice but to buy new ones at 8pm. And we arrived KL at around 10pm (wew), then took LRT to the stop nearest to our hotel, and walked, reached the room, and all exhausted.

I miss it, I miss having such trip. It gives me experience and good memories. And I am smiling writing it, thinking “gosh I can’t believe I did it”. FYI, my friend and I had no idea about direction at all, what we did was asking the locals, so I was blessed they were helpful.

If I have another chance to visit Malaysia again, I will make sure to go to Penang.

Thanks for reading 😀


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