What’s on My Mind?

Life is funny. You were your happy self for such a long time, but then one day some specific persons come across into your life.

Things start changing without your permission.


You were smart but now you become stupid.

You never cared how you looked but now you start wanting to look good.

You used to enjoy watching this and that and sleep early but now some shows can’t even entertain you anymore, you find it hard to fall asleep, your emotion and feeling are no longer healthy, the anxiety and ache of waiting, you sometimes lose focus and can’t concentrate.

You were careless but now you start thinking too much of every possibility.

You have difficult time to give up or keep holding on.

You keep telling yourself that you are okay but you actually aren’t.

You can’t let go even things are fading slowly away, and you know soon it will be gone from your sight but you still try hard looking for it and catching the air of it.

You had pride and preference of taste but now you don’t even care about it; you never liked some stuffs but now you even adjust yourself to fit in others, and you want specific attention. You become pathetic.

You now should know that it is tiring to chase something that doesn’t want to stay that isn’t yours.

It is stupid doing all the optional stuffs. You are just a backup dancer, not the main artist. You are just a stuntman, not the leading actor. After all, the audience only applauds and falls for the main role. As the stage and performance is over, you are clearly forgotten.

You fight with your inner self, emotional conflicts, only when it gets tiring that you can fall asleep.

You want to tell but you can’t tell. You still care and never want to let go.

You keep asking yourself when the hell these gonna be over.

You stupid fool. You idiot. I pity you.


10 thoughts on “What’s on My Mind?

  1. Everyone is a leading actor in their own story. Some persons come into your life, teach you a lesson and walk away. It really doesn’t matter. What we can do in our roles is to remember the lesson learned and keep walking. As long as there is sunshine, life is still hopeful. 😀

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