Routine NO?

As time goes by, I have tried on many things and it seems like experiments in life. Suddenly, I realize my facial skincare routine is similar to my daily life. How funny! Let me link between them. It won’t be long.


I have used many different kinds of products on my face, but since my facial skin is sensitive, thin, red and is a combination of dry and oily, I keep failing on taking care of it. Just now I feel a bit stable with what I’m using. Great that I don’t wear makeup! I hate makeup! Don’t get confused, I’m still a girl (LOL) but I never like makeup because it feels so uncomfortable and not ME. So what I’m trying to say is I start using few different products and not use things as routine. If I feel my skin wants this, I’ll apply. If it requires that another day, I’ll just switch. It needs no routine.

Wait, it’s not a post about beauty or beauty product review or the like. I just want to make things clear.

Okay now what I’m actually trying to say is, I’m going to the main point this time really and it won’t be long *LOL*, life sometimes does need no routine as well. Sometimes routine makes life boring, just like my skin won’t improve with the repeated routine of care. It’s like changing skincare products, life needs challenges and experiences new things, which make us more excited to go on day by day.

I think this post is a bit nonsense for comparing such things, yet it doesn’t matter, right? I’m not going to use it for competing essay writing or whatever 😀

And don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to persuade or encourage people to not have routine at all. In life, you do need routines, but on some occasions under some circumstances or in some points in life, you should free yourself from routines. It’s like getting up, going to school/work, back home and sleep, but sometimes you need vacation and traveling, go on adventure and explore new things.

Sorry for the post and your time has been wasted reading this 😀


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