Running Man

What is Running Man? The man who is running? 😀 It is actually an internationally popular Korean Variety Show broadcasted in SBS Korean TV channel every Sunday, and is my most favorite Korean show of all time. Mostly, the show involves competing and running, that is what the name derived from. Advertisements

A Wish

Day by day, I have heard and seen my friends have faced problems in their lives. I have thought in my mind “I do not want to see them being down by those problems at all. I do wish things will go well with them.” I know myself I cannot be a helper in their … More A Wish

New People

I am glad to know new people, though sometimes not everyone’s characteristic matches mine; some people are even not easy to cope with, yet I learn from them at least, how to tolerate, how to calm myself to those whom I thought I could not bear with. That is why sometimes I am a quiet … More New People

My Messy Feeling

Day by day, I start to realize myself that I am a hidden person who rarely tells my feeling and problem to others. What I feel like “not okay (emotionally)” is kept inside. So I just show it off here (lol) to the air; I just find it better than telling directly to anyone. “Get … More My Messy Feeling

Kep City (09/11/13)

Do you want to have some seafood? Here, Kep Province is known as seafood region. Kep was once the city of Kampot province, but separated later as Kep province itself. It is the smallest province in Cambodia, but rich of seafood as well as fruit, especially durian.