2 Days in Singapore

Singapore is popular with its modernized and clean city (country itself) among ASEAN countries. After spending 3 days in Malaysia, I headed across the border to see Singapore for the first time, and 2 days seemed not enough for me to explore this small diamond land.

Merlion and ArtScience Museum & Marina Bay Sands as background

Traveling by night bus from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Singapore took around 6 hours. I had never taken night bus before, so it was not really comfortable for me, and I could only sleep a couple of hours or less. I arrived in Singapore in the morning and checked in at the hotel my friend had booked online. Shockingly due to not knowing the hotel’s rules and regulations, I needed to pay for another day as check-in in the early morning. That was an experience, but what was bitter is that the room was super small (even smaller than a guesthouse room in my country) which did not suit an almost-100-dollar amount per night.

After accepting the situation, we started the day by going to Little India which is nearby. While trying to find money exchange shop (because we did not have Singaporean currency yet), I met a kind Indian uncle at Little India. He just finished shopping and so helped direct us to the money exchange place, but unfortunately, most shops and malls open at around 10:30am or 11am, so we had to find an ATM at Orchard road. (I was about to ask him to take a photo with me, unfortunately, no chance!)

It was a stupid morning we spent the time just looking for the money exchanger and ATM. Hopping in a public bus with the help from local passengers for direction, finally we reached Orchard road and found the bank and ATM. (You need to use a tourist pass or a regular EZ-link card for the bus and LRT & MRT; in my case, my friend had the cards, we just refilled credit at 7-eleven shop and used it).

Orchard road is one of the attractive areas in the city, where you can shop luxurious and brand products especially clothes, shoes, cosmetics and more. We walked around and windowed shopping, then stopped by at Singapore Visitor Centres at the area to ask for tourism information.

Without hesitation, we caught a taxi and went directly to Sentosa resort where we toured around till evening. The resort is nice as there are cool theme parks to see and famous restaurants and shops there. Main tourist spots are Universal Studios, Aquarium, cable car and casino.

We took a short visit to Chinatown located at Chinatown LRT station, and did some shopping. Well, I got some souvenirs back home.

Our first day in Singapore ended at a very popular place to hang out at night, where is Clarke Quay. Lots of tourists and locals normally gather at pubs and restaurants there, and the view is quite attractive with colorful lights along the riverside area.

Second which is the last day, what we did not forget to visit is the landmark of Singapore, Merlion. Along the way, we met a friendly Singaporean-Chinese lady who were on the way going to work. She told us many places for delicious and famous food in the city, and guided us to an economical local breakfast shop at Dhoby Ghuat LRT station, and even treated us a glass of hot coffee milk each.

With a good start of the day, we headed to the Merlion park for some photo taking and then moved to Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay is also one of tourist places in Singapore, where this modernized country creates artificial gardens and parks in a large area, and what’s attractively noticed is Super Tree Grove park. We bought tickets to climb up the huge grove to see sky view of the area. It is impressive! Since Marina Bay Sands is nearby (well, actually it is in between Merlion park and Gardens by the Bay), we took a taxi there afterwards. Marina Bay Sands is significantly famous for its 3 buildings attached with a swimming pool on the top, but the pool is served for Marina Bay Sands hotel’s guests only. You can still visit the top of the buildings by buying the entrance ticket which costs around $20. There is a separated casino building just in front of the hotel, and there are many shops and restaurants inside the building where I tried Singaporean chicken Laksa. It tasted a bit similar to our Khmer curry though. We shopped around a bit (window shopping for me *lol*) and returned to the Merlion park for photo taking for the last time.

We had to say goodbye to Singapore and traveled back to Kuala Lumpur by night bus as we needed to catch the flight in the early morning back to Cambodia. We arrived in KL at around 1am and caught a taxi directly to the airport. It was a tiring journey, and we ended up sleeping at the airport just like other passengers waiting for the morning flight.

Goodbye Kuala Lumpur as well πŸ™‚

Early morning flight back to Cambodia

We arrived in Phnom Penh at around 8:30am or 9am and back to home-sweet-home safe and sound. It was a wonderful trip which the 2 girls unfamiliar with any directions and locations of the countries went on the adventure. I am looking forward to another trip again in the near future or maybe this year?! But let’s see where’s next?!

Thanks for viewing my posts πŸ™‚


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