Some societies especially in Asia(?) or mostly Southeast Asia(?), where I am in, do link age and marriage. I feel downgraded when people around me look and laugh at me for not marrying yet while some friends and relatives at my age or similar or even younger are married or even have kids. I don’t understand this world, just you are different from them, you become a laughing stock? I don’t think I need to rush and marry someone just because to shut their mouth up from speaking ill of or laugh at me. I won’t risk my happiness just to fulfill their daily gossip either. Sometimes you have to push other people’s mindset aside and enjoy your own company.


13 thoughts on “Marriage?

  1. You aren’t alone. Women in our generation, at least in Asian context, face the same problem – being pushed by the surrounding regarding marriage. Some surrender and follow their wishes, while some don’t. The thing is how much we care about those words – if we don’t, it is nothing, and we should not care as well. Though you get married, people will still ask “when will you have kid?” then later “when will you have your second kid?” or “try to get a boy or a girl” etc. This never ends. Please get married only when you want to 😀 You are the one who is responsible for your own happiness. (Sorry to appear quite often here, but thesis is really boring… :D)

    1. Haha. Right I am responsible for my own happiness. Well, at least I speak my mind out and someone agrees, and I feel better. Thanks 😀 How is your thesis going?

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