About Her

Bridge to Neak Paon temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Hi viewers out there! Nice to meet you, and thanks for viewing my so-called blog!

As shown, I’m Vann, who loves traveling and eating… Haha..

Why “A Collection of Memories”? I love photo taking, and these photos are collection which helps me keep the memorable time I have passed through. So no wonder, my blog is full of photos. People might laugh at me for taking photos of anything, especially food 😀 But that is my favorite!

To be honest, I am quite a sensitive and emotional person. I might be excited just over a little thing, and angry in a similar way. But once I get angry, though it is or not my fault, I will regret later why this happened.

Art seems to be my favorite. Music, drawing, dancing, singing, designing, movie and other related are what I like enjoying during free time, BUT it does not mean I am good at those things 😀 I like singing, but my voice is so bad; I like dancing, but my move is so awkward; I like designing, but I am not creative. Poor me >_<

As mentioned earlier, I like traveling and eating. I have a dream of touring around the world, tasting different kinds of delicious food. That is hard to achieve, but at least, I promise myself to travel as much as I can ’cause traveling makes me experience real new environment and meet new people.

Life is too short to worry about misfortune which is unpredictably popped up in our life. If it is to come, we cannot stop, so let’s face it. The most important thing is our present time, enjoy the moment we have 😉

Mum always tells me “do not spend much, save for this and that”. I know she cares for me, but I also think “how long can I enjoy my life? Should I wait for tomorrow? As mentioned above, we do not know the future, so better grab the chance of happiness today as tomorrow might be unexpectedly different”. I am not a rich, but I can be happy the way I am with what I have. People say “Live while we are young! Smile when you still have teeth!” 😀 and I quite agree with that. So hope you guys enjoy your life and be happy too! 🙂

P.S The way I write this blog is very simple with simple words and from what I feel and want to describe. So, hope you do not mind 😉


12 thoughts on “About Her

  1. Our parents have the same thought that money should be kept for something else more worthwhile than traveling and eating. But who knows when the life ends? And we’re not spending the whole income to enjoy life, are we? 😀

    1. We have blog’s common interest then. It seems you’ve traveled much more than me. After I finish visiting somewhere, I always think of the plan to visit a new place, one after another. Nice to know you too!

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