Routine NO?

As time goes by, I have tried on many things and it seems like experiments in life. Suddenly, I realize my facial skincare routine is similar to my daily life. How funny! Let me link between them. It won’t be long. I have used many different kinds of products on my face, but since my … More Routine NO?

Dramatic? How to get out of it, eh?!

Honestly speaking, I’ve been so dramatic lately. But wait, what does “dramatic” mean? Does it mean “relating to drama or the performance or study of drama” or “sudden and striking” as in dramatic increase? Okay, in this context, I’m going to refer “dramatic” as “being a little too sentimental/imaginary/sad/overact or overreact?! as if you were … More Dramatic? How to get out of it, eh?!


Some societies especially in Asia(?) or mostly Southeast Asia(?), where I am in, do link age and marriage. I feel downgraded when people around me look and laugh at me for not marrying yet while some friends and relatives at my age or similar or even younger are married or even have kids. I don’t … More Marriage?


Two persons meet is not totally a coincidence. There might be an invisible string attached between them, whether how long this meeting lasts, be grateful that another page of your life book has been filled with memories.  

It is not easy

There are times when you don’t like what some people do, but you can’t say anything because you still wanna save their face. Those are times you can’t be you because before you do and say things, you still need to consider those people surrounding.

A Wish

Day by day, I have heard and seen my friends have faced problems in their lives. I have thought in my mind “I do not want to see them being down by those problems at all. I do wish things will go well with them.” I know myself I cannot be a helper in their … More A Wish