Korean Street Food – A part of it

I guess these days many teens and adults (just some amount) are influenced by Kpop, Kdrama and Kshow, and I might be counted as one of them, just in medium level 🙂 I am quite addicted to some Kdrama and Kshow, and what lures me the most is Kfood. By its beauty and decoration shown in dramas and TV shows, I have been craving for tasting Kfood for ages, especially street food.

There are quite a few Korean restaurants in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, yet not all serve such street food dishes or I might say I cannot guarantee they are cooked with original taste. A friend of mine suggested me a place in Phnom Penh to taste Korean street food, and that is Ebada located behind Langka pagoda. The dishes are not bad, but it serves only a few kinds of Kfood, and I hope to try more other different types of Korean street food soon at somewhere else. Maybe in Korea? Hehe…


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