Kep – Boko – Sihanouk Ville – Ream (Family Trip)

Since my brother moved to live in Siem Reap and has settled his family there, we could not meet often as I live with my parents in Phnom Penh, so during his visit in Phnom Penh with sister-in-law and their kids, we spent some time for a trip to the beach and mountain, and that is my two-day-and-a-half family holiday 🙂

Kep beach in the morning

On Friday afternoon (20/12/2013), we left Phnom Penh to Kep because everyone was missing popular fresh seafood there. The sun already set, we arrived in Kep safe, checked in at a guesthouse and headed to Crab Market to buy fresh seafood. In Crab Market, you can get fresh sea crabs caught from the sea, as well as other kinds of seafood brought by our local fishing boats. Nowadays there are also waterfront restaurants and pubs near there, which you can have meal comfortably along the riverside enjoying the view and sound of the sea.

View from the guesthouse we stayed, Kep
Statue of King Srey Chetha, Sdach Korn (ព្រះស្រីជេដ្ឋា ព្រះស្ដេចកន) near Crab Market

Next day morning, we left Kep to Boko mountain in Kampot province. This was my second time visiting the mountain but first time for my parents, and we had expected to see clouds there (as mentioned in my previous post about Boko, it is the mountain where is popular for cloud gathering, and we can touch it). Unfortunately, the weather was too nice that the sun was shining all day with clear blue sky and no cloud at all, so our attempt to touch clouds failed.

Road on the mountain from Grandma Mao to other places
Road on the mountain from Grandma Mao to other places
Artistic standing stones at Grandma Mao’s statue
An old building just in front in Yeay Mao statue on Boko, Kampot

Since cloud sighting failed, we just shortly visited some places on the mountain, such as the waterfall.

Waterfall on Boko mountain
Waterflow, Boko
Papaya Salad at waterfall, Boko

After Boko visit, we headed to Sihanouk Ville and reached there in the evening. “I always miss Sihanouk Ville”, and it seems like a year already from the last time I went there, and I love going there over and over again 🙂

Since I have ever visited Sihanouk Ville, it was the very first time I witnessed the beautiful sunset at the beach. The sky turned well mixture of yellow, orange and red all over the place due to the sunlight which was about to set, reflecting into the sea, creating such a soft wonderful view. I kept my eyes watching the sun to slowly go down till it touched the water surface, looking like the kissing scene which made the whole sky turned blushing.

And I was eating these steamed crabs while watching sunset 😀

The last day of the trip, before we returned home, we drove around in Sihanouk town, and then went to Ream beach for lunch. It is still in Sihanouk Ville but a little far from O’Chher Teal beach where people usually go. Ream beach is a bit quiet and different from O’Chher Teal for O’Chher Teal has fully sandy beach, whereas Ream beach is a little bit rocky and there are shells and tiny stones along too, yet it is still alright to play at the beach there.

You can relax and have lunch there along Ream beach
Mom was bargaining 🙂

On our way back to Phnom Penh, we stopped by at some places, and I once again could taste coconut jelly I missed for several years 🙂

And I am planning to go to Sihanouk Ville again soon 🙂


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