Some collection of my favorite movies

Thai Movie

Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)

Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Actor: Theeradej Wongpuapan as Loong
Actress: Cris Horwang as Mei Li or Li
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Running Time: 125 minutes

Brief: Li is a middle-age woman who is worried as she is the last woman who is still single besides her other friends who are already married. When her last friend who just got married, Li is happy but upset at the same time, so she gets drunk. While driving car, she has an accident with a guy named Loong who is an engineer at BTS Skytrain system. They then fall in love, but it is not the end yet…

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (First Love) (2010)
A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Actor: Mario Maurer as Shone
Actress: Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul as Nam
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Running Time: 118 minutes

Brief: Nam is a girl who is not pretty, not smart, but she secretly falls in love with Shone, her senior at school, who is handsome. She then tries to change herself in both beauty and study to make Shone interested in her. Later, they go their own way, and finally find out at last that Shone has also fallen for Nam since the beginning.

Both the actor and actress are just cute, especially Mario Maurer is a handsome Thai actor 😀

Hello Stranger (2010)

Hello Stranger

Actor: Chantavit Dhanasevi as Dang
Actress: Nuengthida Sophon as May
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Running Time: 127 minutes

Brief: May and Dang from Thailand accidentally meet each other during their vacation in Korea. They both realize later that each has just broken up with their sweethearts, and they decide to have tour together in Korea but keep their names hidden from each other. After they separate their ways and return to Thailand, they realize that they have fallen for each other. The movie is filmed in Korea almost the whole story.

Suddenly It’s Magic (2012)

Suddenly It’s Magic

Actor: Mario Maurer as Marcus Hanson
Actress: Erich Gonzales as Josephine Hermosa called Joey
Genre: Romance
Running Time: 110 minutes

Brief: A Thai actor, Marcus, who found out that his girlfriend who is his partner actress loves another guy, so he wants to escape for a while from the situation and goes on vacation in the Philippines where he meets a cupcake girl, Joey, who was just recently dumped by her boyfriend. Day by day, their love arises, but there are obstacles for Marcus is a famous actor that causes sprain in their relationship. What will they do?

Well, it is not solely a Thai movie since a Filipino actress joined the movie, and many scenes were filmed in the Philippines. I’d rather say Thai-Filipino movie 😀 It is such a sweet love movie, and Mario just acted too cute in this movie 😀

Hollywood Movie

The Proposal (2009)

The Proposal

Actor: Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton
Actress: Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Running Time: 108 minutes

Brief: Margaret is an arrogant and bossy chief editor who never cares of others. She then realizes she will be deported back to Canada due to her expired visa in the US, so she persuades her assistant, Andrew, to marry her. A Immigration Agent comes and investigates them due to his suspicion that they fake this relationship in order to avoid Margaret’s deportion, so he tells them that he will question them each and personally. To understand more about each other in order to prepare for that, Andrew takes Margaret to his hometown to visit his family there, and they grow their love.

Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale

Casts: Richard Gere as Parker Wilson (the professor); Dog Hachi/Akita
Genre: Loyalty
Running Time: 93 minutes

Brief: Puppy Akita was sent from Japan to the US and got lost half way at a train station. Professor Parker found him and took him to the station controller to find his owner, but no news, so he decided to keep the puppy. Then the puppy was named later as Hachi from the translation of his collar’s sign. Hachi is a good and smart dog and getting closer and closer with the professor who helped him. Later on, Hachi always walked with the professor to the train station as if he sent the professor to work, and waited for his master to return from work at the station everyday. One day, before the professor left home to work, Hachi barked so loud as if he wanted to say something and prevented the professor from leaving, but not succeed. That day was the last day Hachi saw his master as the professor collapsed and died during his class. Hachi, as an animal, did not understand the fact of the professor’s death, he kept waiting for the professor at the train station everyday, and kept waiting patiently for 9 years until he died.

Hachi story focuses mainly on the loyalty of the dog, and he teaches us to “never forget the one who have helped you and the one you love”. The real Hachi was born in Odate, Japan, in 1923. When his master, Dr. Eisaburo Ueno, a professor at Tokyo University died in May, 1925, Hachi returned to the Shibuya train station the next day and for the next 9 years to wait for his master as he always did, and… Forever does. Hachi died in March, 1934. Today, a bronze statue of Hachi sits in his waiting spot outside the Shibuya railroad station.

So Undercover (2011)

So Undercover

Actor: Josh Bowman as Nicholas Dexter
Actress: Miley Cyrus as Molly Morris/Brook Stonebridge
Genre: Action & Comedy
Running Time: 94 minutes

Brief: Molly is a private investigator who is offered a secret investigation on a person suspected to be involved in a crime. That is where she meets Nicholas, but things turn out to be so unexpected and confusing!

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch Perfect

Actor: Skylar Astin as Jesse Swanson
Actress: Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell
Genre: Musical & Comedy
Running Time: 112 minutes

Brief: Beca is forced by her father to attend college, but her dream is to pursue a career in music instead. She then meets Jesse when she takes up an internship at the school radio station, and he is attracted to her. Beca then joins the Barden Bellas for upcoming a cappella competition at school. Jesse also joins the Treblemakers, Bellas’ male rival group, who always wins the competition. Beca and the Bellas’ co-leader do not get along well with each other, so what will it be for their competition?

It is an amazing movie, and I realize without instrumental music, they still can make one with their own voices. That is what a cappella is all about.

The Impossible (2012)

The Impossible

Actors: Ewan McGregor as Henry Bennett (father), Tom Holland as Lucas Bennett (12-year-old son), Samuel Joslin as Thomas Bennett (7-year-old son), Oakley Pendergast as Simon Bennett (5-year-old son)
Actress: Naomi Watts as Maria Bennett (mother)
Genre: Disaster, Tragedy
Running Time: 113 minutes

Brief: A family is going to Khao Lak, Thailand, hoping for a nice Christmas holiday, but turns into a horrible disaster, Tsunami, instead. A huge hit separates the family members who almost die, but struggle to survive for the hope to see their family once again.

This movie is based on the true experience of María Belón and her family surviving from the terrible 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. It is really touching~

Korean Movie

Always, Only You (2011)

Only You Korean Movie Cover
Always, Only You

Actor: So Ji-sub as Jang Cheol-min
Actress: Han Hyo-joo as Ha Jung-hwa
Genre: Romance
Running Time: 106 minutes

Brief: A story of a boxer who falls in love with a blind girl, and he risks his life in illegal boxing just to get money for her eyes operation.

It is a touching movie, luckily, they meet at last. The ending will make your tears falling down 😀

A Werewolf Boy (2012)

A Werewolf Boy

Actor: Song Joong-ki as Chul-soo
Actress: Park Bo-young as Young Suni/Eun-joo
Genre: Fantasy & Romance
Running Time: 122 minutes

Brief: Suni returns to Korea after she knows about the sale of her old family house where she recalls back her memory, telling it to her granddaughter Eun-joo about what happened 47 years ago. Back then, Suni moved to live in this countryside house due to her disease, and she met a feral boy who could not speak or read, but behaved as a wild beast. Suni’s mom pitied him and decided to adopt him and named him Chul-soo. Then Suni found it fun training him like a dog, and later taught him to read, write and speak and finally they got the feeling for each other. But the beast inside him was constantly waiting to burst out, especially when he was in anger, and one day the tragedy happened.

Masquerade (2012)


Actor: Lee Byung-hun as King Gwanghae/Ha-sun
Actress: Han Hyo-joo as Queen Consort
Genre: Historical
Running Time: 131 minutes

Brief: To avoid the constant threat of assassination, King Gwanghae of Joseon Dynasty orders his councilor to find his substitute. Ha-sun is a low-class joker who is found to look remarkably like the king, and then replaces the king for he is poisoned as feared. Ha-sun, the fake king, then starts to get involved in the palace’s issues, and his more humanitarian attitude, if compared to the king, treating good even to the low servants slowly changes atmosphere in the palace. However, his real identity could not be kept forever.

I am a King (2012)

I am a King

Actor: Joo Ji-hoon as Crown Prince Choong-nyung / Deok-chil
Genre: Historical, Comedy
Running Time: 120 minutes

Brief: Being coward and afraid of being crowned as the king, the Crown Prince Choong-nyung decides to escape from the palace and accidentally gets switched with a slave, Deok-chil, who is identical to him and who is trying to get in to the palace where his lady who he falls in love got caught. Their lives completely exchange. Deok-chil has to be the fake crown prince, and the real crown prince Choong-nyung has been through difficulties and learnt the real hardships of his citizens that inside the royal palace no one would know about. Then he realizes he is ready to be the king. So what about the fake crown prince?

Chinese Movie

Love in Disguise (2010)

Love in Disguise

Actor: Wang Leehom as Du Minghan
Actress: Liu Yifei as Song Xiaoqing
Genre: Romance & Comedy
Running Time: 97 minutes

Brief: Minghan is a famous singer who feels himself lack of love in his music. He then disguises himself as a regular Joe and goes into a musical school where he wants to find a mysterious girl and to learn the feeling of love. He then bumps into a performance and is captivated by the melodies of the guzheng soloist, Xiaoquing. When their feeling grows for each other, it is also harder for him to reveal his true identity to her. If she knew he was a superstar but lied to her, what would she react?

Love On That Day (2012)

Love On That Day

Actor: Mario Maurer as Martin
Actress: Qing Ye as Xiao Ya
Genre: Romance
Running Time: 94 minutes

Brief: Martin comes to China to look for his dad whom he never knows, and he finds Xiao Ya, his soulmate-to-be.

It is a Chinese movie with our handsome Thai actor, Mario, so if you like him, this is another sweet movie from him 😀


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