Running Man

What is Running Man? The man who is running? 😀 It is actually an internationally popular Korean Variety Show broadcasted in SBS Korean TV channel every Sunday, and is my most favorite Korean show of all time. Mostly, the show involves competing and running, that is what the name derived from.

From the left: Kim Jong Kook, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo (the tallest), Haha (with hat), Ji Suk Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Kang Gary

The show started airing since July 11, 2010, with Yoo Jae Suk as the MC and other permanent members are Kang Gary, Haha (Ha Dong Hoon), Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo. Song Joong Ki was one of the permanent members from episode 1 to 41 then left due to his busy schedule in acting career.

Since it is a variety show, there are various games and shows for RM members to compete and complete as missions. Sometimes it is filmed indoor based on the games given, but most of the time it is filmed outdoor and in some special episodes they went abroad to film the show as well such as episode 133, 134 and 136 titled Asia Race taken place in Macau and Vietnam.

To me, watching RM is like watching a long drama or TV series that I cannot miss out any single episode. Though generally, each episode is not related to one another based on the games and missions, there are some special episodes that are interrelated such as episodes of Asia Race. On the other hand, the relationship among the members makes them become like a family of RM. When I started watching RM episode 1, SBS and other medias broadcasted the show up to episode 156 already. I heard the show’s fans kept talking about it, but I ignored and was lazy since there were so many episodes to catch up if I wanted to start watching (some people only watch some interesting episodes and skip some others, but I like starting watching things from the first and in detail, that is why). But then I tried the very first episode with Lee Hyo Ri as the first guest of the show, and I felt like “LOL, it was fun and hilarious”. Seriously, the show reduces my stress a lot and brings me smile and laughter 😀

Nickname of the members:

Yoo Jae Suk

Yoo Jae Suk: Yoo-ruce Willis (as he is considered one of the strongest members in RM), Yoo Hyuk/Dance Legend (as he likes dancing), Yoo-mes Bond (there are some special episodes that YJS is assigned to be a spy and eliminates other RM members with his water gun; that sounds like 007 James Bond’s mission), Grasshopper (since his referenced color is green)

Kang Gary

Kang Gary: Peaceful Gary (in the first few episodes, you will laugh with his facial expression in the games), Monday Boyfriend (he is paired in love line with Song Ji Hyo and the show mostly films on Monday), Sudden/Occasional Commander (sometimes he is the strongest member and the winner in RM)

Haha (Ha Dong Hoon)

Haha (Ha Dong Hoon): Haroro (in some past episodes, he liked dressing kiddy that looks like Pororo, cartoon penguin), Playboy (before he got married, he always flirted around with pretty guests, just in the show :-D), Kid (he likes acting childish)

Ji Suk Jin

Ji Suk Jin: Big-nose brother (just look at his nose when you watch the show :-D), Impala (he is known as the weakest member in RM), Race Starter (since he is usually the first and easily eliminated from the game, the serious race is believed to start after his elimination)

Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook: Sparta Kook (as the strongest member in RM, he is compared to Sparta), Commander (he likes ordering his team members and arranging plan for his team), Kookie (he sometimes acts cute), Tiger (with his strong appearance, he is compared to tiger), Coach Kook (he likes coaching people to do things)

Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Kwang Soo: Framer (he likes teasing and framing other members), Giraffe/Girin (just look at his appearance and compare with giraffe :-D), Icon of Betrayal (he likes betraying even his own team members), Prince of Asia (the nickname entitled when RM filmed abroad especially in Vietnam, other members were shocked by his popularity there), Kwang Ja (some episodes he is assigned to be a female member)

Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo: Blank Ji/Mong Ji (she often shows her blank facial expression, not understand anything or innocent with her wide eyes open :-D), Ace (she is the only girl in RM but strong and smart), Bad Ji Hyo (sometimes she also needs to betray other members and thinks of bad plan to win the game :-D), Monday Girlfriend (she is paired in love line with Kang Gary), Gold Ji Hyo (she most of the time wins the games involving gold as the prize for the winner, other members say she can open a gold shop)

Other than these permanent members, there are usually guests in each episode, and those guests are no other than K-stars/artists.

Where to watch Running Man?

Since some old episodes are not easy to find, I collected them from various sources. You can find those with English subtitle on Youtube,,,,, and some other sources linked to videos on Facebook (Google help :-D).

Here I get you the link of the program from, try server Facebook if Dailymotion does not work, then you can find other episodes in that site as well:

Running Man Ep.1

If you are interested in watching the show, I suggest you to watch every episodes if possible and available. Hope you guys enjoy it like I do 😉


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