A time-limited trip, Rattanakiri (16-18/11/13)

Rattanakiri is a northeastern province of Cambodia, where is known as “Mountain of Gems”. Any travelers who love adventurous journey, exploring the nature, this is just the right place for you. Many waterfalls, rows of mountains are all over the area.

(Quite regret for not taking many photos due to time constraints and unfavorable weather >_< )

Banlung (បានលុង) is the city of this province.

Banlung Market (ផ្សារបានលុង)

Once people talk about Rattanakiri, they generally think of Yeak Laom Lake (បឹងយក្សឡោម), and visitors can have lunch around the area, especially you can also swim in the lake! I tried swimming (with life jacket) once I visited there, and the water was quite cold 😀

Me at a corner of Yeak Laom Lake
Another side of Yeak Laom Lake

Besides its beautiful nature, there is another thing people know about Rattanakiri, that is ethnic minorities. As known, there are 8 different hill tribes of ethnic groups such as Tumpoun (ទំពូន), Kreung (គ្រឹង), Kavet (កាវិត), Kachok (កាចុក), Charay (ចារាយ), Prou (ព្រូវ), Phnong (ព្នង) and Lun (លូន). Nowadays, though they still remain in the province, you might not recognize them from their outlook since their lifestyle is somehow affected by modernization, mainly clothes and house. However, their dialect and pronunciation are still recognizable, plus girls usually carry basket at their back for the stuffs they are going to sell/buy at the market.

My cute niece with an ethnic grandma at the back

At least, there are samples of ethnic group’s houses for tourists to see. I took these at Ka Chanh waterfall.

And what is popular while talking about ethnic groups? Their special product is brewed rice wine made and kept in big jars 😀 However, local people there can also make it nowadays for sale.

Local brewed rice wine at Yeak Laom Lake, Rattanakiri

As mentioned earlier, there are many waterfalls in the province such as Ka Chanh (កាចាញ), Ka Tieng (កាទៀង), Cha Ung (ចាអ៊ុង), Ou Sen Sronoh (អូរសែនស្រណោះ) and more.

Cha Ung Waterfall, Rattanakiri

I do love exploring more about Rattanakiri ’cause I could just visit a few parts of it last time. Hopefully, there is another chance for me to be there and go further to see the natural treasures of my country.


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