My Messy Feeling

Day by day, I start to realize myself that I am a hidden person who rarely tells my feeling and problem to others. What I feel like “not okay (emotionally)” is kept inside. So I just show it off here (lol) to the air; I just find it better than telling directly to anyone.

“Get yourself back together. Don’t fool around with the feeling. It will be just nothing but hurt if you try to step in. What is not meant to be yours, just let it go”, my feeling today told my head~


4 thoughts on “My Messy Feeling

  1. Agree! But it would be great if you found somebody to share your feeling with, either good or bad. S/he doesn’t has to be a partner. Close friends can be the best option. Fighting~ 😀

    1. Haha.. I think so.. Just it seems awkward for me to tell my story to someone. Probably my close friends are not close “enough” to be told. Will consider.. haha.. Fighting!

      1. It could be awkward at the beginning, verbally. Why not try using some mobile application? It’s easier to split the words out. Just look for some people whom you feel secured with. 😀

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