Kep City (09/11/13)

Do you want to have some seafood? Here, Kep Province is known as seafood region.
Kep was once the city of Kampot province, but separated later as Kep province itself. It is the smallest province in Cambodia, but rich of seafood as well as fruit, especially durian.

Welcome to Kep πŸ˜€

However, at night Kep is a little quiet since most visitors prefer going there in just a day return. Those who spend a night at Kep usually get themselves dinner at restaurants and pubs near crab market (αž•αŸ’αžŸαžΆαžšαž€αŸ’αžαžΆαž˜) which is not far from Kep beach.

Kep Beach in the soft evening

Beside its sea, you can also visit its well-known waterfall called Tek Chhou (αž‘αžΉαž€αžˆαžΌ). A lunchΒ with seafood and local fruit there would be great, and you can enjoy playing in the stream of waterfall.

There is also a landmark of Kep, that is Sela Cham Pdey (αžŸαž·αž›αžΆαž…αžΆαŸ†αž”αŸ’αžαžΈ) meaning a girl who is waiting for her husband (terribly sorry as I do not know her story, will narrate if I happen to know later :”>).

Sela Cham Pdey

Additionally, when I was at Kep, one old building really caught my eyes. Its structure is somehow similar to French building (I am not quite sure).

An attractive building at Kep

So if you miss fresh seafood and durian, do not forget Kep πŸ˜‰


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