Boko Mountain (11/11/13)

Let me introduce you to one of attractive tourist sites in Cambodia; that is Boko Mountain (ភ្នំបូកគោ) which is nicknamed as Boko Paradise (ឋានសួគ៌បូកគោ) located in Kampot province.

Boko mountain far behind old bridge viewed from riverside road

From foot to top of the mountain, it is about 29km with zigzagged road. However, the weather is just so fine that I guess sunlight could hardly reach. What amazing about the mountain is its well-known place of cloud gathering – there you could touch the cloud, and that is what its nickname is madeThe most popular place to feel yourself in the cloud is at Wat Sampov Pram area. I am just amazed by the nature!

Wat Sampov Pram in the cloud

On the mountain, there are waterfall and many streams.

Me on the top of Boko Waterfall

And during the trip, we came to know a place called Veal Srae 100 (វាលស្រែ១០០). We were told by a local security guard that the place was once the bottom of a sea, and nowadays it is left with many rocks which persuade us to consider if it is true (?!) 😀

Veal Srae 100 (many rocks like these remain there)

Along the way up to the mountain, you can also see a huge statue of Grandma Mao (លោកយាយម៉ៅ) whom we believe as a guardian of coastal area (you can also find her statue and sacred worship place at Pich Nel, along the way to Preah Sihanouk province). That is why passengers always stop by to worship her and pray for good luck in traveling and prosperity in their life.

Grandma Mao (លោកយាយម៉ៅ) at Boko Mountain

Additionally, at the mountain, there is a casino resort. For those who want to stay a night at the mountain, you do not have any choice of guesthouse/hotel, but to stay at the resort; and if you want to have lunch at the mountain, it is better if you bring your own from Kampot city because there is no food stall there 😀

Visiting the paradise, touching the cloud at Boko mountain… That is memorable~


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