Rabbit Island (10/11/13)

One of many nice islands in Cambodia, Rabbit island (កោះទន្សាយ) is located in Kep city, Kep province, Cambodia.

Rabbit Island

If you want to find a peaceful, fresh and beautiful place to visit, apart from the crowd at Kep beach, there you go, the Rabbit island~

It is just about 4.5km from Kep port by boat which normally travels at 9am to the island and back at 4pm daily. During nice weather, you only spend around 20-30mn to reach there. The cost of boat traveling is around US$7/person or you can rent a private boat around US$25/boat which loads up to 8 people (apply lotion or take whatever for your shield from the sunlight as the boat has no roof :-P).

Along the water way to the island

On the island, there are few small canteens/pubs, but it might be good if you bring some cooked seafood from Kep. You can also enjoy fresh coconut juice as plenty of coconut trees grown there 😀 FYI, there is no electricity at night, so if you plan to stay a night there, make sure to bring some light like torch. But as known, the canteens/pubs there will light up for the guests till 9-10pm and will off the machine.

Our coconut expert 😀
Those are huts you can stay at night

It is a relaxing place with the clear sea water and fresh air, and there are kayaks for you to ride if you like traveling in the sea 😛

A foreigner riding kayak

I am happy to visit one of many great tourist places in my country, Cambodia, and if you guys plan to go to Kep, do not forget to visit this naturally beautiful Rabbit island! Hope you guys like it 😉

Our boat driver to Rabbit island, cool? 😛



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