It is not easy


There are times when you don’t like what some people do, but you can’t say anything because you still wanna save their face.

Those are times you can’t be you because before you do and say things, you still need to consider those people surrounding.

កោះរ៉ុង (Koh Rong Island), Paradise on Land in Cambodia [Part II]

Currently, if you ask me where is the best place in Cambodia to enjoy the nature and fresh atmosphere, I will not hesitate to reply that “Koh Rong ranks #1 among all in Cambodia”. Exaggerating? Probably. But I cannot stop admiring its beauty from time to time, and this is my second time I visited the island. In the previous post of Koh Rong, I mentioned a lot about bungalows and gorgeous Long Beach, now in this post, let’s explore more about Koh Rong at different angles with my second visit.

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អង្គរសង្ក្រាន (Angkor Songkran) in Siem Reap

Following last year, Angkor Songkran was arranged again this year (2014) in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and even bigger. Khmer New Year is usually celebrated in mid-April every year due to the reason that this time in the past, Khmer people (prefer to farmers) freed themselves out of their harvesting season, so they picked the time to celebrate new year event; and this year it was on 14-16 of April.

This is the year of Horse

This is the year of Horse

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ព្រះវិហារ (Preah Vihear), World Heritage in Cambodia

Recognized as one of the World Heritages by UNESCO on 7 July, 2008, Preah Vihear temple is situated on the clifftop in the Dangrek mountains, Preah Vihear province, Cambodia. The temple and its area have been in a long dispute between Cambodia and Thailand over ownership, which the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague ruled that the temple is in Cambodia.

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ប្រាសាទសំបូរព្រៃគុក (Sambor Prei Kuk temple complex)

Located on the Eastern bank of Tonle Sap close to the Sen River, about 30 kilometers to the north of the town of Kampong Thom, Cambodia, Sambor Prei Kuk “The City of Shiva in the Forest of Towers” is the pre-Angkorian temple complex, also known as Isanapura (ឥសាន្តបុរៈ), and was the capital of the Chenla Kingdom.


A temple in Sambor temple complex, Sambor Prei Kuk, Kampong Thom

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